May 8-10th, Ottawa
Ottawa Comiccon
     Ernst & Young Centre
     Ottawa, Ontario K1V 2N6

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Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies, a novel by Victoria Dunn

The World Bog Snorkelling Championships in Wales is being menaced by shambling hordes of the undead.

Fortunately for bog sport enthusiasts, Alice the former telephone psychic and Welly, the mostly indestructible man, head up Odyssey International’s Enforcement branch, dedicated to stomping out the supernatural.

But Alice and Welly might not even make it to Wales because a fervent zombie rights activist has stowed his zombie best friend in their plane’s luggage compartment.

Now the zombie plague is spreading at 25,000 feet, complicated by the moral dilemma that zombies just might be people too! Decaying, infectious, bitey people…

Email: victoriadunnwrites at hotmail dot com


Who is Victoria Dunn?

When author Victoria Dunn’s not busy writing, she's the ultimate Bond girl: intelligent, accomplished and stunningly beautiful. She doesn't just blow smoke off her pistol—she blows smoke rings.

In a parallel universe, Victoria Dunn is the evil hive mind of Victoria Higgins, stand-up comic and tree-hating pagan, and Meghan Dunn, Sunday School teacher and reading tutor.

When asked for comment on Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies, they said, “Zombies are people, too! Thanks to The Workhorsery, the truth about people of decomposition can finally be told. Zombies enjoy delivering mail, watching TV, and pose absolutely no danger to the public. If they do attempt to eat your brain, don’t panic. They’ll never gnaw through your cranium.”


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